Management Audits

Talent and execution of talent are critical and management level. It is important to regular assess the culture, competences and capabilities of organisation’s
management in carrying out corporate objectives. The aim is to build those competencies and capabilities in line with the strategic objectives. This exercise is important usually after change in strategy, and it could be a feedforward for executive development.

In this new normal, the competencies and capabilities required have shifted with new skills and business acumen being more important that functional technical skills. There are four generations at work today (baby boomers, X generation, Y generation, and Z generation). It is important to ensure that there is alignment of culture to optimize productivity taking advantage of this diversity. There is also gender diversity with more women taking leading roles, and with cultural backgrounds this could lead to some conflict at workplace. The work place also enjoys diversity of national cultures as a result of many nations and races meeting for work in the organisation.

Our approach in Management Audits ensure that conflict in managed, diversity is embraced, and an appropriate culture that suits with the organisation’s strategy is developed and embedded in the organisation.

The approach in this important assignment is often to engage independent consultants over the use of own Internal Audit staff. HLB Lesotho provides services in this area.

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